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Behaviour-based marketing and customer engagement in B2B requires high quality data, and lots of it. Whether you are using analytics to better understand your audience, trying to deploy account based marketing or delivering digital demand generation at scale, every facet of B2B marketing needs a steady stream of rich, clean and meaningful data.

In this era of big data, we actually find it’s the little data – highly specific attributes and behaviours of a company or buyer - that makes the difference. You must understand what makes an account likely to buy, when they are ready to buy, and how they will buy in order to optimise your marketing.

At Harte Hanks we understand the key data challenges facing B2B marketers today. We have methodologies, tools and solutions that address these, in ways that can be tailored to our client’s unique situations.


Latest Insights

Today, B2B organisations face 3 big obstacles with their marketing data. Learn more about the top 3 marketing data challenges and how to tackle them.


Top B2B Data Challenges

Through our work with B2B data over the last 30 years, we have come across many challenges for our clients; ranging from poor quality data, data silos and poorly performing campaigns. In recent years these have been complicated by an explosion of data volumes and marketing technologies, as well as increasingly savvy end customers who expect personalised and engaging experiences. Today we see three top B2B data challenges.

Lack of high quality data

Many marketers cite improving data quality as the single biggest challenge they encounter when attempting to personalize messaging for audiences. This is compounded by low volumes of good data that is opted-in or fit for analysis.

Technology challenges and silos

Many businesses struggle with accessibility and availability of data for marketing, analytics and reporting, due to siloed systems and/or fragmented data.

Poor or insufficient insights

Most companies are now seeking to improve data analysis capabilities to better understand customer experience requirements and drive more informed, faster decision-making.

Solving challenges with B2B data

Everyone in marketing faces these big challenges. Marketing leaders need insights to make strategic decisions on budgets, mix and markets. Marketers need data to execute and tune campaigns at speed and scale. Marketing and data operations need to keep data and systems clean, compliant and functioning. Learn how to combine people, technology and process to solve these problems in our latest E-guide.

Data and Analytics Solutions


Collecting data and insights through surveys, research, reporting and social, to fuel data analytics, marketing strategy and campaign optimisation.

Capabilities & Services

- Social listening
- Surveys
- Research
- Data collection
- Data reporting


Using data analytics to understand what is happening and to determine who to target and how. Analytics help us create ideal customer profiles, target segmentation, target data for upsell and cross-sell, and insights on audiences, competitors and market trends.

Capabilities & Services

- Data analysis & segmentation
- Data Modelling
- Whitespace analysis
- Competitor analysis
- Social data analytics


Sourcing, enriching and segmenting data ready to use in marketing activity, such as data for ABM, data for outbound marketing, intent data and qualified leads for sales to engage.

Capabilities & Services

- Data lists
- Data sourcing
- Profiling
- Data tiering / segmentation (especially for ABM)
- Data enrichment / Intent data

Data Management

Solutions to process, clean, move and manage data so that it is ready for marketing, is easily accessed by different user types and stays clean, fresh and compliant.

Capabilities & Services

- Data integration/movement
- Data processing
- Data enrichment
- Data reporting
- Data governance

Data-driven Execution

Delivery of data segments and groups and help with execution of email marketing, targeted paid advertising (eg Account based targeting in Linkedin), website personalisation and preference centres.

Capabilities & Services

- Digital execution (email, MAP)
- Digital advertising support
- Data opt-ins
- Data tools
- Preference Centre Management

Start with a Data Audit Report

Not sure where to start? We can help you understand what you need to fix or improve with your data and marketing technology using our Data Audit Report Service. First we evaluate your current data sets using data analytics and our comprehensive market data. Then we prepare an overview of your data in terms of accuracy, quality and coverage. Our Data Audit Report is a simple, quick and effective way to review your marketing data sets and plan how to improve or manage them moving forward.

To learn more or request a Data Audit Report please contact us.

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