Use our efficiency calculator below to see how much our Marketing as a Service solution could potentially bring to your business.

The Marketing as a Service calculator allows you to evaluate the efficiency and savings this integrated solution would bring to your current operating models. You can opt to leave your contact details at the end to schedule a tailored Value Report and/or a free Harte Hanks consultation.

Please answer the 11 questions below as accurately as you can. Be mindful that the input boxes accept only numbers. As the last step you may want to leave your contact data (optional) and then click submit to find out how much our MaaS solution could save your organisation.

  1. What is the size (total number of employees and contractors) of your current marketing team?

  2. Are you operating a global marketing function within your organization or all your marketing is done locally?

  3. What is the size (total number of employees and contractors) of your marketing operations function (campaign automation, analytics, pre-sales).

  4. Please also select the functions that apply to your marketing operations team

  5. Size of Marketing Automation team

  6. Number of unique marketing Campaigns / month

  7. Number of monthly pre-sales or revenue operations and demand generation activities

  8. What is the Size of your Marketing Database (or Data Warehouse)

    Select the closest value from the dropdown

  9. Number of Data Quality initiatives / monthly

  10. How many 3rd party tools are integrated with your Marketing Db (Salesforce, other CRM, BI, Analytics Platforms)

  11. Do you have an internal function acting as Marketing Helpdesk? If so, what is the size of that team?

Your organization could benefit of a {{marketingCost}}% cost saving through the Marketing as a Service solution


- {{dbSize}}

- Pilot Social Demand Generation activities to increase exponentially your pipeline

- Test your marketing and sales ecosystems to validate system flows and linkages, ensuring real time updates across all systems

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